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[Bali life] Second lock down in Bali starting 3rd of July 2021

In the last few weeks, the number of coronavirus infections in Indonesia has skyrocketed, and a lockdown has been enforced in Bali and Java. Last year, we had a similar incident for ten weeks when we were unsure what the virus was and was not vaccinated. This lockdown is the second time it has happened, and vaccination rates are high in South Bali, so overall, people don't seem to be as worried as last year. The lockdown does not mean that all activities are closed, 100% activity is allowed at construction sites etc. Attached below is an excerpt of a message sent by the Embassy.


  • On the 4th of July, the Indonesian government issued a notice to strengthen domestic and international travel.

  • On 4 July, the Government of Indonesia issued a notice to strengthen the domestic and international movement, stating that a traveller must present a vaccination certificate to enter Indonesia and that the government will extend the period of isolation in designated accommodation to 8 x 24 hours.

  • In addition, foreign nationals staying in Indonesia must be vaccinated in Indonesia if they wish to travel within or outside the country.

  • The Government of Indonesia is currently reviewing how to deal with foreigners who cannot be vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated in time for various reasons.

The Indonesian Government's Unit for the Control of Novel Coronaviruses issued a notification dated 4 July (an additional notification to Notification No. 8). It announces that the change would tighten restrictions on the entry and exit of foreign nationals given the spread of a variant of the novel coronavirus. The tighter controls will apply from 6 July and remain in force until a further date to be determined.

In addition, the period of isolation in designated accommodation will be extended to 8 x 24 hours. In addition, foreigners staying in Indonesia must be vaccinated through the free vaccine program initiated by the Indonesian government or the Gotong Royong Vaccine Program initiated by companies if they are moving within or outside Indonesia. The notification does not specify the treatment of children under the age of vaccination. The Indonesian government has explained that they cannot be transported either within or outside Indonesia.

The main changes are as follows.

(1) Isolation period after entry

Isolation period after entry into Indonesia: 8 x 24 hours in a designated hotel with government approval (at the applicant's own expense); PCR testing will be conducted on the 1st and 7th day of isolation.

(2) Vaccination requirements

(a) Foreigners shall be required to present a certificate or card showing that they have completed both vaccination doses as a condition of entry.

(b) Foreigners staying in Indonesia and moving within the country or to a foreign country shall be vaccinated by either the government-led free vaccine program or the company-led Gotong Royong vaccine program.

(c) The obligation to present a vaccination certificate or card shall not apply to holders of diplomatic or official visas in connection with official visits by foreign dignitaries at the ministerial level and foreigners entering the country under the framework of a travel corridor agreement, based on the principle of reciprocity.

(3) For Indonesians, the post-entry quarantine has been extended to 8x24 hours. If they have not been vaccinated at the time of entry, they will be vaccinated after a second negative PCR test during the quarantine period.

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