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[Bali life] How to make the 1st treehouse - Part 1

Hi I am Takeshi CEO and tree-house master of ;-)

Now, I am building the 2nd treehouse. Yes, this is the second one. I summarise how I build the 1st one with some photos.

I do not remember when I officially started the 1st treehouse, but this photo is taken before the 1st crowdfunding. An intern was having drawing beside the foundation of the treehouse on a day in 2018.

This former railway bridge was converted as one of the legs of the treehouse.

Wall of the treehouse is made of abandoned boats which I found during my last cacao project in Sulawesi island I guess in 2016.

All windows and glass walls are taken from a closed French restaurant in Canggu, 'La Petit Prince', which used to be one of my favourite eating places before all other 263 restaurants came to Canggu. The treehouse was inspired when I got the doors and frames, so the size of the treehouse was determined by the size of the pre-loved materials.

Glass doors' life before

Treehouse has to be a glasshouse to feel the mini-forest atmosphere surrounded by trees. Other doors and skylights are also made of used tempered glasses shown under the treehouse. Tempered glasses cannot be cut, so we need to find the right place for these glasses.

Now we have a roof and its skylights are made of these reclaimed tempered glasses. All walls are made of boat woods and the glass doors and flames of 'Little Prince'.

This photo shows that the treehouse gave the second life to the broken boat.

I stop here and continue tomorrow. If you came to Bali, you must have seen this surfing statue on the sunset road from the airport. This is related to our first and second treehouses.

I will tell you about this tomorrow.

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11 dic 2020

When I go to Bali, I definitely will visit there! :)

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