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[Bali life] Batu Bolong explored and exploded

Lately, my family has been surfing at Batu Bolong on weekends. We haven't been to Batu Bolong on weekends for a few years because it was too crowded, but about ten years ago, Sunday mornings in Batu Bolong were the norm. The kids started surfing on shortboards, and surfing on the more powerful Echo and Pererenan beaches became the norm.

My eldest son started longboarding, and we have been back to Batu Bolong for a few months now. Batu Bolong has a local photographer who takes photos for us. We have the privilege of having a video of us surfing here (which is why I can't write surf reports from other places). My second son likes to surf shortboards and is forced to use a fishboard, so today, he only surfed two waves and got on the land.

I'm also on a fishboard today.

My eldest son's longboard is getting better and better. He surfs fishboards and shortboards, but I don't think there are many kids his age who can use all the surfboards at this level.

While we were waiting for the waves in the sea, a lawyer friend told me to look at the roof of a Wrung (local eating place), so I looked at the shack standing offshore and saw that the roof was blown off. The roof was blown off last night when the LPG gas tank exploded. One of the employees had severe burns all over his body. In Bali, we often (enough) hear about this kind of LPG gas tank explosion. I am afraid of this, so I don't use LPG, only IH electric stove. Now we will be able to get gas from the new biogas digester again, so we will be able to restore our gas cookers. The biogas is only about 1.2 bar at best, so there is no danger of explosion.

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