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A Gift for Selamat Family!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We are getting closer toward the end of the year! This month, our team was busy installing biogas and conducting Climate Field School for farmers in Bali.

Thank you to our backers! 

Since the beginning of the year, has been installing several biogas digesters for farmers that are supported by people from around the world who donate for biogas digester during our crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Today, almost all of them have benefited by biogas, especially for cooking. Our engineering team that consists of staff and interns are working together to make it happen, from creating, experimenting, installing and monitoring.

Before conducting Climate Field School in Plaga, Bali our team has visited them frequently to observe the coffee farm and heard the story from farmers. Pak Selamat family is one of the coffee farmers we met in Plaga and he is very keen to be part of changes. Our green business and engineering team talked to him and agreed to install biogas digester that will benefit their daily life and the world climate.

As our biogas digester is removable, we can easily transport it from our Office in Canggu to Plaga that takes over 1 hour of driving. Finally, on October 10, 2019 we had successfully installed biogas digester in his house. This biogas is supported by our backers  Ykamon, Fuimitaka Beppu, Armin Haas as well as our partners Bappenas, Four Season and Lapmas.

This biogas is one of the most progressive ones. It is doing really well and full of gas very fast. Two weeks after the installation, Selamat family can enjoy cooking using biogas. They looked very happy while trying to boil water using biogas for the first time. 

Meet the persons behind the biogas installation in Bali 

The member of the Engineering team at our office come from various countries and backgrounds. That is what we call a multicultural environment.  They are Raphael Fiedler, our intern who is studying Raphael is studying environmental engineering and political science at Technical University of Munich, Germany. Then, Jamie Wong is a Scottish intern who is currently working towards a master’s in Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft. Emily Eastman a  woman who is studying Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University, USA.and our staff Mayun Bary from Tabanan, Bali  who graduated from Department of Agroindustrial Technology at Udayana University is open for any university students graduated who want to experience coffee and biogas projects as well as working in a multicultural environment. We always have international students from various countries that work and have fun together. Check out the testimonials from our staff and interns on our youtube channel. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

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