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"Don't just study, but do something." Village women in South Africa inspired Takeshi Takama, CEO of, to action.

Welcome to, where sustainability thrives with resilience! From cutting-edge research (Think) to hands-on engineering (Do), and vibrant consultations and events (Be), we're the heart of it all. Dive deeper into our world below.


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Who we are

THINK Blending science and strategy, we partner with policymakers and global organizations to drive action. We prioritize strategic planning and local initiatives over mere consultation and advocacy.

DO Has supplied Climate-Smart Products locally and globally. For years, we've tailored biogas tech to farmers' needs.

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Discover's sustainable and su-re.cocoa—a gift to the earth!

BE We walk the talk, improving society and the environment daily through science-backed action. We're building transparency, aiming for a future "be-tank," and broadening our horizons.


Who We Are & Our Story

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