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Dear Everyone,
Welcome to (Sustainability & Resilience) – everyone’s favorite Sustainability Think-Do-Be Tank. As a giftmaker, we synergize goodwill and scientific knowledge (think) in delivering sustainable meaning into our gifts, action (do) and the creation of a sustainable and resilient community (be). 



With scientific background and strategic planning, aims to work directly with policy makers and international organizations while simultaneously creating business at grand. We put less weight on pure consultation and advocacy activities compared to strategic thinking and local actions.



We have delivered our Climate-Smart Products to many customers locally and internationally. For several years, has developed and designed the most suitable biogas technology to address the needs of farmers.



At, we continuously practice and improve our “think and do” actions that are scientifically beneficial for society and the environment by implementing our principles in a daily basis. We aim to create a transparent culture to establish a “be-tank” in the future and broaden our vision through various .


The programme offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience with's work related to climate change and sustainability issues.

This program allows you to get experience both online and onsite.

Those who want to learn and get exposed to real projects related to climate change and sustainability issues. There are some offline positions required to be based in Bali. Please read carefully.

Application Deadline: Open throughout the year and rolling basis 

Find out the programs that you are passionate about.

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