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Made our history and stories

Our Alumni who deliver gifts for the Earth continuously

20220310 Emilia Widodo.jpg


General Affair Officer

Emilia joined to contribute to General Affairs tasks, accommodate the company to achieve its goals in accordance with government regulations.

20230316 Oktavianna Winda_edited.jpg


Office Manager

Okta is an entrepreneurship and community development enthusiast. She graduated from Chemical Engineering at University of Sumatera Utara. She is currently involved in business & online event activities to promote sustainability also to support local farmers across Bali & Flores.

20230516 Lucile Adjahi.jpeg


Business, Engineering & Event Mentee

Lucile is in her 3rd year of higher education in Lille and in the process of obtaining a master's degree. Her school offers a double training between engineering and business/management but also an opening to entrepreneurship. Lucule is doing this internship as part of her international project, her desire to discover healthy and sustainable development methods and her personal development.

20230724 Ary Purnami_edited.jpg


Business & Event

Ary is a Business degree with a Sustainable Enterprise major. Passionate about sustainability since high school, She wants to contribute to social and environmental issues throughout her career. Her role at as a Green Business Developer and Be-event staff. 

20230726 Geby Febriany.jpg



Geby is a graduate of the University of Manchester's International Development Master's programme. She is passionate about climate change and would like to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation in Indonesia. Prior to that, she worked in the built environment industry, specifically in the areas of green building and climate-sensitive master planning.

20230703 Anouk Braun.jpeg


Research mentee

Anouk is a 3rd-year student at Northeastern University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Political Science. This internship serves as a part of her co-op program at Northeastern, where students take semesters off during their degree to gain valuable work experience in their field prior to graduation. Having experience in political consulting, environmental research, grassroots advocacy, and public policy studies in the United States, she is very excited to take an international approach to studying sustainability efforts with this internship.

20230905 Thando Ray_edited.jpg


Engineering Mentee

Thando is a fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Human Services at Northeastern University. He is interested in using engineering for social justice. He has engineering experience in international cookstove technology with Burn Design Lab and the international medical oxygen field with Build Health International. He is excited to be at, where he looks forward to gaining new onsite experience, and perspectives, building relationships with community partners, and collectively making a positive impact in both individual lives and the world at large.

20230703 Sara Sancho.JPG.jpg


Business, Engineering & Event Mentee

Sara is a Master's student at the University of Zaragoza in Chemical Engineering and I am interested in renewable energies. I am very excited to be a part of this sustainability project due to the big problem of climate change.

20230508 Lilli Kaminsky.jpg


Business, Engineering & Event Mentee

Lilli is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering for Environmental Technology in Germany (Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule) and a double degree in the subject of Sustainable Energy in Indonesia (Swiss-German University). This menteeship is part of her university's development focus, which aims to increase knowledge of problems and solutions for countries in the Global South. 

20230607 Bret Dow_edited.jpg


Business, Engineering & Event Mentee

Bret is a second year Bachelors student at the University of Exeter, pursuing a degree in Politics & Sociology with Proficency in Entrepreneurship. He found in one of the modules offered on his university course- Future17. This module involved groups of students from several international universities working together to help various organisations improve their sustainability in line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. He decided to further his experience at by working as an Intern in Bali in the hopes of widening his knowledge on sustainable business, integrated natural resource management and think-tank work.

20230508 Katharina.jpg


Engineering Mentee

Bachelor student for environmental engineering and development at the University of Applied Sciences Jena in Germany, currently [6th semester] taking part in a double degree programme at the Swiss German University (course of study: Sustainable Energy & Environment), internship as part of my practical semester to gain practical working experience and insights in biomass technologies and Indonesian culture (first internship at MERO Foundation, project: coral ecology) & Sociology with Proficiency in Entrepreneurship.

20230316 Lumer Daeli.JPG



Master of Environmental Science from Wageningen University and Research with a particular focus on environmental policy, which aims to contribute to sustainable development by developing theoretical and empirical tools. Passionate about sustainability and have ambition to find solutions for sustainable policy-making, particularly in the fields of energy, food, climate, environment, and social by involving various stakeholders. Very much concerned about how to achieve a sustainable economy by also considering environmental impact.

20230316 Imelda Magdalena.JPG



Imelda holds a bachelor's degree in bioengineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. She is passionate about renewable energy and agriculture projects and is eager to work on projects that contribute to achieving sustainable development goals. As a researcher at, she assists with the proposal and reports writing and other related tasks.

20210318 Sarah Wibisono.jpg


Business and Event

Sarah is a Bachelor of Management from Bina Nusantara University. Her intention as Green Business Development Intern is to gain knowledge in green business, sustainable development, and circular business model. Due to her experiences joining project of sustainable farming and rural community development, she wants to contribute in empowering Indonesian farmer.

20230316 Pasthika Maya.JPG


Event and Training

Maya joined's Be-Event to coordinate and manage activities such as international workshops, company training programs, Japan field school trip, and university research visits. As of the pandemic, Maya is now working on online programs and helping the Do-Business team with the export preparation and crowdfunding.

20230316 Berth Ginting.JPG



Berth is a master's graduate from the University of Southampton in Energy and Sustainability: Energy Resources and Climate Change. He is passionate about being an energy and sustainability enthusiast who wants to contribute to national resilience, especially to promote a greener future by empowering the local community with inclusivity and diversity for fruitful growth in Indonesia.

20221104 Takaki Watanabe.png


Business Mentee

Takaki is a college student at International Christian University majoring in Sociology and development studies. After graduation, He is thinking about going to grad school to study public policy and development studies.

20220811 Emilie Winter.jpeg.jpeg


Business Mentee

Emilie is studying at EHL Business School in Switzerland for a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and engaged in social and environmental protection. She is part of the Do-Business Team to develop the green business of the different smart climate products of

20220902 Bernadetha Efata.jpg


Research Assistant

Tata is a bachelor of bioengineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. She is passionate about sustainable business development from environmental and social aspects. As a researcher, she applied her research skills to strengthen the Think team at and aims to broaden her opportunities to work on a larger-scale project that involves world organizations.

20221025 Devina Kurniawan.jpg


Office Manager

Devina is an international business and management graduate from Univeristas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta with one semester experience of studying abroad in Rotterdam Business School. As a full time office manager, I will handle the project management as well as the company operations.

20220826 Roudotul Jannah.jpg


Research Mentee

Jannah is a master's student at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), majoring in Sustainable Development. She is a data analytics enthusiast who dreams to take part in solving social-ecological problems. Her curiosity about environmental issues, climate change, and renewable energy transition has motivated her to learn more about related topics at as Research Mentee.

20220708 Agustina Eny Tri Widyastuti.JPG.jpg


Office Manager

Eny graduated from Mercua Buana University, majoring in Public Relations. She worked in several companies and NGOs as administrative support and Planning & Monitoring. She has a passion for working in the development sector. She joined as Office Manager. She contributes to ensuring smooth process in the office, is in charge of finance, accounting, recruitment and other administrative tasks, and supports project management.

20220611 Annie Saito.jpg.jpeg


Event Mentee

Anri is a high school student in grade 12. She is really interested in sustainable products. In, She helped with training programs for the Japanese and make Instagram post.

20220629 Laura Ballestin.jpeg


Research/Business Mentee

I am about to graduate with my LLM in International, European Law and environmental law at Tilburg University. I have another previous master's in Legal Practice and my Bachelor's is in Law, both of them finished at the University of Zaragoza, my hometown in Spain. I want to contribute to society through the implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change.

20220614 Judith Tabeling.JPG


Engineering Mentee

Judith is about to graduate from Justus-Liebig University in Gießen, Germany majoring in environmental management. Knowing the importance of renewable energy and its usage in all communities, she is going to support the engineering department. She aims to learn about solving environmental issues and getting to know the Indonesian people and culture.

20220407 Nalani Abigail.jpg


Engineering Mentee

Nala is an undergraduate bioprocess engineering student with a deep interest in responsible and ethical production. She is helping’s engineering and research team to sustain biogas and Climate Field School activities.

20220419 Mashudi.jpeg


Admin & Research Assistant

Mashudi is a Master of Environmental Management graduate from The University of Queensland. He has experience in academic administration and public policy sectors for more than four years. Interested in promoting sustainability and creating social change.

20220408 Yuniki Mediayati.HEIC


Research Assistant

Yuniki is an engineer by training and environmental technology graduate. She received her Bachelor's from Bandung Institute Technology and her master's degree at Wageningen University and Research. Yuniki contributed to the writing process of AGEP Project report on biogas study.

20211210 Muhammad Tahir.jpg


Research Assistant & Engineering Officer

Tahir is a Bachelor of Engineering from UCSI University, Malaysia, majoring in Chemical Engineering. He has had the experience in research for the investigation of activated sludge for biogas production by using a co-digestion reactor during his life in university. He is now working under the Think Research team and his goal is to expand his knowledge in sustainable development and apply the knowledge of biogas production.

20211006 Mai Nakayashiki.jpg


Business Intern

Mai is a university student, studying French and English at the university. She is interested in contributing to nature through products that are kind to nature.

20210411 Ai Yamakami.jpg


Business Intern

Ai is an MBA candidate at The Wharton School, Class of 2023, and holds a Bachelor of Law and Political Science from Keio University. She represented Japan in G20 Youth Summit 2013 held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After gaining six years of professional experience at J.P.Morgan, she is passionate to elaborate knowledge and experience in sustainable development.

20210825 Mako Shibata.JPG


Event Intern

Mako is a junior year high school student at Kichijo Girls Senior School in Tokyo. She participated in onlineAct! Batch4, the program held by the collaboration between TigerMov and this May and got interested in shifting food systems into sustainable and circulated ones all the way from a food production phase to the consumption and waste management.

20201002, Amanda Puspa Ramadhani.jpg


Researcher & Operation Officer

Amanda received her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from UC Berkeley, focusing on environmental design and urbanism in developing countries. She is currently handling a variety of administrative and project management tasks within the company operations, while also supporting ongoing research project such as TIPPING+ and LANDMARC.

20220209 I Gede Oka Adnyana Nathanjaya.jpg


Engineering and Event Intern

Gusde is a high school student at Green School Bali. He is interested in seeking opportunities to create a local, authentic and realistic sustainable impact. He is passionate about engineering and renewable energy and capable of graphic design, and events planning.

20220217 Andrian Perdana.jpeg


Research Assistant Intern

Andrian is a second-year magister student in the Division of Environmental Science and Technology, Kyoto University, Japan. He is enthusiastic about sustainable agriculture, land management, and environmental issues.

20220111 Nana Azuma.jpg


Business Intern

Nana is a real estate developer in the commercial section. She aims to use her knowledge of sales in expanding locations and utilize it towards the expansion of su-re co products in Japan.

20210827 Gusti Ayu Ismayanti.jpg


Sustainability Program Liaison Officer

Isma graduated as a Bachelor of Science from Institut Teknologi Bandung majoring in Oceanography. She passionate in ocean conservation, sustainibility management, and documentary filmmaking. Now Isma supporting the sustainable program on the company. In everyday life, She is also a photographer, videographer, and Balinese dancer. “Heart, mind, and soul into even the smallest act” is her everyday mantra.

20210908 Merlin Landmann.jpg


Engineering Intern

Merlin studies Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands. Currently, he is working at his bachelor internship at, where he researches blockchain as a solution for measuring carbon offset values for biogas digesters.

20210714 Elena Estevez Takashima.jpeg


Business Intern

Elena is currently studying international development in University of East Anglia. Since she visited the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia and witnessed the degradation of the water quality, she has been interested in environment and its influence on people. She is passionate about gaining new skills and knowledge in

20210928 Gede Herry Arum Wijaya.jpg


Engineering Officer

Herry graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya majoring in Renewable Energy Engineering. He has a passion for research and engineering, implementing knowledge in the field of renewable energy for the wider community. Now Herry assists in the development, installation, and monitoring of the company's biogas system.

20210319 Erina Oyama.jpg


Business Intern

Erina is currently studying international politics and development at Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. From her experience visiting to Nepal for field research, she was shocked by how the climate change affected the farmers lives. She wants to support the farmers in Indonesia by spreading Gift Makers in Japan.

20210702 Crescencia Melissa.jpeg


Engineering Intern

Crescencia is a Bioprocess Engineering student from Universitas Indonesia passionate in sustainable industry practices, waste management, and renewable energy. They hope to expand and practice their knowledge of socio-environmental proliferation through local development and community empowerment.

20210803 Elvira Apriana.jpg


Engineering Intern

Vira is a Civil Engineering Undergraduate Student from Universitas Gadjah Mada, she is passionate in sustainable infrastructure, specifically digging deeper into environmental field. She hopes she can find opportunities to solve environmental issues and empower the local community.

20210730 Cynthia Wardhana.JPG


Engineering Intern

Cynthia graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China, majoring in environmental science. Knowing that indigenous and farmer communities are more vulnerable to climate change, she believes that community empowerment can help mitigate this issue. She hopes that her experience in can help her empower more local communities around in Indonesia.

20210423 Clarissa Rahmanita Idat.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Clarissa is currently a second year MSc Organic Agriculture student in Wageningen University & Research, the Netherland, specializing in Agroecology. She wishes to be able to join projects that focuses on transformation towards environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

20210602 Shadrina Fildzah Ramadhani.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Shadrina is just recently graduated from Biodiversity and Sustainability Master Programme in Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands. With interest in the areas of Animal Sciences and Biodiversity Studies, she hopes to expand her career as a researcher.

20210215 Arvin Nanda.jpg


Engineering Intern

Arvin is currently pursuing chemical engineering at Universitas Gadjah Mada, joining as Do-Engineering intern. He aims to explore and gain new knowledge in bioprocess engineering, sustainable development, and solving environmental issues.



Research Assistant Intern

Natasha is pursuing a degree in International Development, Environment, and Society Studies from Tokyo Institute of Technology and currently joining Think (research) Team as a research assistant intern. Her goal is to gain a deeper understanding in the sustainable development efforts in Indonesia.

20210405 Takashi Hirose.JPG


Business Intern

Takashi is currently studying business at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan. He studied sustainability and circular economy as an exchange student in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He aims the working experience with various people, especially at He aims to gain knowledge of green business and scale it.

20210414 Mana Iwata.jpg


Business Intern

Mana is an upcoming MSc History student at the University of Edinburgh. She has a broad background in the Humanities derived from an interdisciplinary study at Nanzan University where she completed a BA in Foreign Studies. Her ultimate objective is contributing to creating a fair and sustainable world which she believes aligns with's vision.

20210217 Bambang Wisanggeni.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Bambang is a bachelor of nuclear engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada. He is passionate in sustainable community development, both from engineering and social aspects. As a research assistant intern, his strengthen the think-team of

20210215 Miku Matsuda.jpeg


Business Intern

Miku is currently studying international liberal arts at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan. She belongs to Green Peace Japan and raised awareness of environmental protection there. She tries to spread the concepts of environmental protection and increase the potential of business

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-06 at


Research Assistant Intern

Kyla is currently pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies in UCLA, the United States. With a background in GIS, geographical field work, and environmental advocacy

Aulia Riezky Madhila.jpeg


Media Intern

Dhila is still a student of Universitas Gadjah Mada who participates a lot of committee as media staff division. She does graphic design and video editing, and currently she is on Do-Bussiness Team as media internship

20210201, Akane Yamauchi, AY


Business Intern

Akane currently studies international liberal arts at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan. As she studies marketing in her university, she hopes to increase “giftmakers” in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and more during the internship. She aims to get insights about circular business and green marketing strategies in

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-09 at


Business Intern

Masaki is currently studying business, specifically corporate finance, at Osaka City University, Japan. He is mainly working on expanding’s business abroad. As he believes he can contribute to making sustainable society by contributing to, he works on whatever needed to expand the business: Japanese website, Japanese Facebook page, crowdfunding and so on.

20200727, Reina Hiro, RH.jpeg


Business Intern

Reina is pursuing her bachelor’s in agriculture, department of Applied Life Sciences at Shizuoka university, Japan. She is included as one of the business team at During the internship, she is mainly working on a project exporting to Japan. Her goal is to promote activity of and sustainable and resilience society all over the world.

20200807, Netri Andiyani.jpeg


Media Intern

Netri is pursuing her bachelor in Visual Communication Design at Institut Desain & Bisnis, Bali. Focusing on Videography, Photography, and Creative Design. Her main task as a content creator is to produce videos for media. Not only creating videos, but she also helps make design for packaging products.



Media & Accountant

Felix is pursuing his bachelor in Visual Communication Design at Sekolah Tinggi Desain, Bali. Focus on Videography, Photography, and Creative Design. His main task as a content creator is to produce videos for media. Not only creating videos, but he is also doing accountant. His goal is to spread the story about the sustainability & resilience, also about the company to reach more people.

20200819, Ishitate Chie, IC.jpg


Business Intern

Chie is persuing bachelor's degree at KansaiGaidai University in Japan studing business and sociology. Being interested in environmental management and sustainability, her goal is to help people all around the world suffering from the impact of climate change through green business.

20200805 Osritrivia Callistha OC.JPG


Research Assistant Intern

Via is currently doing her master’s in Sustainability Management at Columbia University and joining as a Research Assistant intern. Her key tasks are to support the team in research projects and work on the base calculations for biogas emissions as well as potential carbon offsetting. She aims to gain a deeper knowledge about sustainability development.

20200814, Bagas Jahim 1, BJ.jpg


Engineering Intern

Bagas is pursuing a bachelor degree in biology at Bandung Institut of Technology. As a member of the engineering team, he is involved in the biogas installation guideline and also calculating the carbon offset. He hopes that through his time at, he could learn more about the installation and the working mechanism of's biogas digester as a whole system as a tool to help reduce carbon pollution.

20201112 Michelle Amann.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Michelle graduated from Environmental Science at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich and is currently doing her master’s in human health, nutrition and environment at ETHZ. During this internship, she aims to gain more insight in environmental policy making, as well as practical experience about different aspects around sustainability.

20201112 Nadia Satrio.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Nadia graduated from The University of Melbourne in Australia, with a Bachelor’s degree in Environments. With a major in Landscape Ecosystem Management, she has an academic background in Ecosystem Science and Environmental Policy. She aims to gain experience in writing and reviewing project proposals.

20201113 Radhya Avisya.jpg


Business Manager

Radhya graduated from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences the Netherlands. She helped initiation of the movement Future Farmers Indonesia in Bali in 2018. Her experiences involve working with farming youth and farming families to produce and be connected to the ever-growing tourism sector in Bali.



Media & Event

Liana is originally from Bali and at she works on a variety of responsibilities. However, she focuses on media and communications, event and supporting urban development projects. Liana graduated from Urban and Regional Planning at Institut Teknologi Bandung.

20201113 ​Antoine Brilland.jpg


Engineering Intern

Antoine is finishing his master in Signal and Image Processing at ENSEIRB-MATMECA engineering school in Bordeaux. As an intern at, his goal is to initiate the process of data processing automation by proposing solutions using new technologies such as blockchain.

20201113 Vincent Latjes.jpg


Engineering Intern

Being enrolled in Environmental Innovation at HAS University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands, Vincent has been working as an environmental engineer-intern at the engineering team. His task was to perform research on- and find a solution to sequencing multiple balloon biogas digesters in a modular setup, using his knowledge of biochemistry and engineering.

20201113 Martin Simon.jpg


Business Intern

Martin is currently finishing his Master of Sciences degree in International Business and Enterprise at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, UK. He aims at gaining practical experience and knowledge on the implementation of sustainable solutions as a Green Business Developer intern at

20201113 Gaspard Blanchet.jpg


Business Intern

Gaspard is completing a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Iéseg - School of Management, in Paris. As a Green Business Developer at, he aims at gaining insights and experience in sustainability, while learning more about circular business models. As part of his Master’s thesis, he will build a company creation project.

20201113 Katie Brockwell.jpg


Research Assitant Intern

She is a recent MSc Climate Change, Development and Policy student from the Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex), UK. Prior to her Masters, Katie studied her BSc in Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. With the completion of her studies, she went on to be a Research Intern for a clean energy consultancy management firm based in Singapore.

20201113 Raphael Fiedler.jpg


Engineering Intern

Raphael is studying environmental engineering and political science at the Technical University of Munich, Bavaria Germany. In June he finished his Bachelor-Thesis about renewable energy technology in developing countries. As a member of the engineering team at he wishes to gain practical work experience with biogas.

20201116 Meredith Holland.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Meredith is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, USA, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. She has also completed studies at Reykjavik University, Iceland School of Energy, where she studied sustainability and renewable energy.

20201116 Casper Velthuijs.jpg


Business Intern

Casper has recently completed his Future Planet Studies degree at the University of Amsterdam, studying the implementation of transition theory in the Dutch Food and Agribusiness sector for his bachelor thesis. He has worked for several green initiatives during his studies, including an urban biodiversity project with the municipal government.

20201116 Haruto Hiroki.jpg


Business Intern

As a senior student from Rikkyo University, Japan, Haruto is currently writing his thesis paper on environmental history in Southeast Asia. He plans to go to graduate school in UK to pursue his further academic interests, using working experiences in He hopes to expand market so that we can introduce more biogas digesters to farmers.

20201116 Jamie Wong.jpg


Engineering Intern

Jamie is a Scottish intern who joins the biogas team. He earned a bachelor's in Chemical Engineering at The University of Edinburgh and is currently working towards a master's in Sustainable Energy Technology at Technische Universiteit Delft. Jamie is interested in synergistic solutions to climate change and poverty.

20201116 ​Thibaud Grisolet.jpg


Business Intern

Thibaud just finished his master at the engineering school HEI Lille, in the North of France. Despise being a general engineering school, he specialized in entrepreneurship & project management and decided to finish his studies with an internship in Green Business Development at This desire to work on sustainable projects came with a previous internship.

20201116 Maria Adelia.jpg


Engineering Intern

Maria is currently on her second year of Bachelor degree in Biology at Institut Teknologi Bandung. During her internship at she's included as one of the biogas digester engineering team. She hopes after finishing the internship she will be able to notice more about the current situation of how biogas digester can directly help the local farmers.

20201116 Emily Eastman.jpg


Engineering Intern

Emily is currently pursuing both her Bachelors and Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, USA. During her internship, she hopes to learn practical skills about the bioenergy industry and help to implement the new biogas digester design.

20201116 Jean-André Davy--Guidicelli.jpg


Engineering Intern

Jean-André is a French Intern, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. He will be part of the biogas team at and hopes to gain experience in bioenergy development. That will allow him to develop a broader perspective on environmental engineering.

20201116 Samantha Hanyon.jpg


Engineering Intern

Samantha is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering - Sustainable Chemical Technologies at Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany. During the internship at she has the change to gain practical experience in working with biogas and its production. After the internship she will return to Germany to write her Master’s Thesis.

20201116 ​Ngan Tran.jpg


Engineering Intern

Ngan is currently studying environmental science and management at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, in Belgium. After her bachelor in bioengineering, her studies are now focused on a multidisciplinary approach to environmental problems. As an intern a, she is now researching the possibility to implement carbon offsetting with our biogas digesters.

20201116 Alexandra zur Nieden.jpg


Engineering Intern

Alexandra studies Environmental Techniques and Development at the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule in Jena. She has done previously an exchange semester at the Swiss German University in Tangerang to receive a double-degree in Sustainable Energy and Environment. With this knowledge, she will do her best to help to improve the biogas digester.

20201116 Pia Conradsen.jpg


Engineering Intern

Pia Conradsen graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Relations from Bond University in Queensland, Australia. During her studies, she worked with the Environmental Defenders Office, a community legal centre that promotes environmental protection through law reform and policy.

20201116 Anna Gibeau.jpg


Business Intern

After working for ten years in coffee project marketing, Anna gained a passion for understanding in creating a sustainable chain supply within the coffee industry. Now, enrolled Senior at Appalachian State University as a Sustainable Development and Economics student, where she focuses on Global, Regional and Community projects.

20201117 Chloe Antoine.jpeg


Business Intern

Chloe has bachelor’s in international business management in NEOMA Business School (France); She aims to work internationally on Green entrepreneurship projects or managing projects with environmental and social purposes. With su-reco, she mainly supported product development and intern application process.

20201117 Rebecca Clinton.jpg


Business Intern

Rebecca is a graduate from the University of Manchester, UK, with a BSc in Management (International Studies). Her life has been dedicated to sustainable business and volunteering with NGO’s over many years. She has been especially focused on eradicating single use plastic. She will join the Green Business Development team and also teach in the Montessori school.

20201117 Sophia Fuchs.jpg


Engineering Intern

Sophia is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science programme studying Management of Renewable Energies in Germany, focused on biomass and bio-engineering. As an intern at she wants to consolidate and widen her knowledge. Her main tasks deals with the improvement of´s biogas project.

20201117 Ronja Siegel.jpg


Business Intern

Ronja is currently studying Management of Social Innovations in Munich, Germany. This study program teaches the students how to innovate long-term solutions to social and environmental problems and needs. Today sustainable changes are urgently needed. Due to her interest in finding ways to mitigate climate change and building green business.

20201117 Cyriac Boudard.jpg


Engineering Intern

Cyriac is a French student currently in 4th year of the engineering school at EI.CESI, Angoulême, FRANCE. It is a general engineering school, with a specialization in civil engineering. Before this, he passed 2 years studying civil engineering at a technical university. He is now preparing to become a project manager in France.

20201117 Joffrey Lapilus.jpg


Business Intern

Joffrey is a French student currently attending a master degree in Environmental Policy at Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences Po Paris). The core curriculum of his degree is mainly based on Agriculture & Global Health. Already fluent in Bahasa Indonesia after 2 years in Java studying International Affairs & Indonesian Traditional Herbal Medicine

20201117 Marielle Olentine.jpg


Engineering Intern

Marielle is a visiting researcher from the University of California at Berkeley currently pursuing a Master’s in Sustainable International Development. Her passion for sustainable agriculture and exploring solutions to climate change has led her to work with on designing its Climate Field School (CFS) program in conjunction with SEI and BMKG.

20201117 Ivan Bobashev.png


Business Intern

Ivan is a Global Development Fellow currently working toward a Masters of Development Practice (MDP) at UC Berkeley. He has previously worked closely with the initiative, helping smallholder coffee farmers in an effort to stimulate agribusiness as a means for climate change adaptation in vulnerable populations.

20201118 Annika Schoofs.jpg


Engineering Intern

Annika is a renewable energy intern, recently graduated from the University of Magdeburg, in Germany, with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering for Process- and Energy engineering. Before starting her Master´s degree at the MCI in Austria, she would like to use free time to expand her practical experience in the field of climate change.

20201118 Matthew Mayes.jpeg


Engineering Intern

Matthew is an aspiring development practitioner from University Of California - Berkeley focusing on the relationships between sustainable development, energy, natural resource conservation and climate change. His internship intention is to gain the expertise necessary to make meaningful contributions to the expansion of clean energy access in vulnerable communities.

20201118 ​Jennifer Eckert.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Jennifer is a german student, currently doing her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Urban Water Engineering and Water Resources Management at the Technical University of Munich. Before writing her Master Thesis back in Munich, she is working for as a Research Intern and is mainly involved in a UNIDO project.

20201118 Daniel Zellner.jpg


Engineering Intern

Daniel is currently studying Management of Renewable Energies in Freising, Germany and his studies combine technical and economical aspects focusing on energy production and use based on biomass and other sources of renewable energies. He also did a semester abroad in Finland and studied International Business.

20201118 ​Thijs van der Meeren.jpg


Engineering Intern

Thijs is a student of Environmental Science at HAS University of Applied Sciences in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. For his bachelors degree, he did an internship researching various examples of climate adaptation in farming practices. During his time at, he would like to further expand his knowledge of climate adaptation and mitigation.

20201118 Valentin O'Quin.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Valentin is currently attending a curriculum at IRIS, a french geopolitical institute and think tank. He decides to write his final master thesis in to correlate the Indonesian implication in the pro-environment development with the main issues that result from the massive natural resources exploitation.

20201118 Alessandro Badinotti.jpg


Research Assistant Intern

Alessandro is a Research Intern currently working towards the end of his Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences, specialization in Climate and Atmosphere, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich. At, he is mainly involved in channelling current and previous projects, especially those in the framework of TransRisk and GREEN-WIN. 

20201118 Alexandre Bon.jpg


Engineering Intern

Alexandre is a French student and he is curently in 4th year of engineering school at Sup'EnR, Perpignan. This school is specialized in engineering and renewable energy. During his degree’s courses, he has discovered and studied energetic systems applied to the fields of heating, air conditioning and renewable energies.

20201118 Anaïs Matthey.jpg


Engineering Intern

Anaïs is a Swiss student who has just finished her Bachelor in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL). After an academic exchange in Sweden for a year, she is going to spend two months working at to deepen her knowledge in biogas systems.

20201120 Rene Hulsen.jpg


Engineering Intern

My name is René, a student from the Netherlands, currently studying for Bachelor of Science at the HAS University of Applied Science in the Netherlands. I am an enthusiastic, emphatic and relationship-forming person. I think my critical look will navigate my own development and will try to contribute of others.

20201120 Sergei Kazarian.jpg


Engineering Intern

Sergei is currently in 4th year of engineering school at ESIREM Dijon and specialized in Material & Sustainable Development. He will do his best to help the biogas team with his knowledge to improve the biogas digester bag.

20201120 Abdel Ghachtouly.jpg


Engineering Intern

Abdel is a Student in French school specialized in Materials and sustainable development. His main project is the development of the solar panels project as an intern in After his studies, he want to work in the green renovation of buildings.

20201120 Paul van Dijk.jpg


Engineering Intern

Paul is an environmental student from the Netherlands. He is currently studying for his Bachelor of Science at the Has University of Applied Science in the Netherlands. His main focus as an intern will be the improvement, development and implementation of the biogas project. His interest lays in people mindset around the environment.

20201120 Maja Harren.jpg


Engineering Intern

Maja is an Environmental Engineering Researcher working on her Master's dissertation here at She is working towards her MSc of Environmental Engineering & Sustainable Infrastructure from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Due to her interest in climate change and sustainable development, she will aid the and bio-gas projects.

20201120 Alexis Regis.png


Business Intern

After an exchange at IBS Plekhanov in Moscow, Alexis has chosen to conclude his bachelor at 
IESEG School of Management (Paris) with an internship as Green Business developer at Before beginning his Master degree, he wants to gain experience on sustainability and 
sustainable businesses.

20201120 Nacho Candela.png


Engineering Intern

Nacho is our Renewable Energy intern, recently graduated from the Technical University of Denmark, with a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Engineer. Due to his interest in energy transition and sustainable development, he will support our research and advisory activities on climate change. He aims to improve the design of the biodigester.

20201120 Elena Delanne.png


Business Intern

Elena is a student of a French Business School. Part of green associations in France, she takes advantage of her gap year to join our team to work on the project and give a hand on the next Workshop coming in April before going to Columbia to work on communitarian tourism.

20201120 Coralie Kowalski.png


Egineering Intern

Coralie Kowalski is Franco British intern, recently graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. She will be part of the biogas team at and hopes to gain experience in bioenergy development that will allow her to develop a broader perspective on environmental engineering.

20201120 Victoria Lieu.jpg


Engineering Intern

Victoria is an intern from Canada, who has just completed her studies in a Bachelor of Science for Civil-Environmental Engineering degree. At, she will be working with the biogas team to improve biogas technology and help integrate new ways for biogas use. Her goal from this internship is to gain experience in sustainable and renewable energy.

20201120 Momo Herre.jpg


Business Intern

Momo studies Global Project and Change Management in Zwolle, the Netherlands. He is writing an advisory report on's organizational culture as part of his bachelor's thesis. Momo was born and raised in Bali and hopes to come back after his studies, to contribute to the resilience of Bali's environment and its culture.

20201123 Juan Sanchez.jpg


Business Intern

Juan studies Economics in New York. He is an intern at during the gap year of his postgraduate studies. At Juan will mainly work on the project. Juan was born and raised in Ecuador and hopes to continue his career in New York after his studies.

20201123 Lisa Thorning.jpg


Business Intern

Lisa studies Tourism in Copenhagen, Denmark. This internship is a part of her Master Programme and she is responsible for a workshop for eco-tourists held by and find ways to combine green business development and the work of to tourism.

20201124 Timothée Regis.jpg


Business Intern

As a Green Business Development intern, Timothée helps to develop its activities, especially regarding the project. Student of the Paris School of Business in France, he is undertaking a Master’s degree in International Business. After a couple of exchanges during his studies, he wants to keep travelling and gain experience in sustainable development.

20201124 Sabrina Hopf.jpg


Engineering Intern

Sabrina is enrolled in Environmental Techniques and Development at the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule in Jena. As a part of her Bachelor degree, she did previously an exchange semester at the Swiss German University in Tangerang to gain a double-degree in Sustainable Energy and Environment. As an intern, she is responsible for the improvement of the biogas digester

20201124 Charlotte Reboul.jpg


Business Intern

Charlotte is a french student currently on a Master of Science at Kedge Business School in France. After some experiences on retail, she would like to strengthen her skills and knowledge about sustainability and green business, therefore, as an intern at, she is supporting and developing the work on activities

20201124 Carley Rennie.jpg


Engineering Intern

Carley recently graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. She lived and studied abroad for six months in New Zealand which introduced her to the different ways people live and value the environment. Her desire is to enrol in a Master program focusing on Sustainability and Environmental Science.

20201124 Gregoire Schenirer.jpg


Business Intern

Grégoire is a French student following a Master degree in Business at Neoma Business School. As a Business student engaged in social and environmental protection, his ambition is to increase people awareness on sustainability in economics and management and to drive change towards sustainability worldwide. As an intern, his main objective is to manage project.

20201124 Syeda Shama Tahsin.jpg


Engineering Intern

Syeda Shama Tahsin Choudhury, King Isa Khan Royals, is a biogas futurist and real estate developer, who is very keen on making inventive and renewable engineering solutions with humanitarian principles. She was born in Bangladesh but grew up in different countries. In, she is very excited to succeed with her passion for biogas.

20201124 Giacomo Ciavatti.jpg


Engineering Intern

Giacomo is a newly graduate environmental engineer from Italy. He completed his bachelor in environmental engineering at the University of La Sapienza in Rome, followed by a double degree achieved in DTU, Denmark, and Aalto University. He contributes to the development of biodigester and water tank solutions.

20201124 Saskia Straub.jpg


Engineering Intern

Saskia is currently finishing high school in England and is looking forward to studying Environmental Policy at University. She was interested in an internship at to gain an understanding of how an environmental company operates and what jobs there are in the environmental field. Her goals are to advance her knowledge of sustainable farming practices.

20201124 Widya Sari.jpg


Business Team

Widya is a recent member of and has been working on a variety of responsibilities. Her primary mission is to focus on activities. Besides, she also bears a hand on some administrative tasks. Widya is originally from Bali and is a fresh graduate from Faculty of Economic and Business, Udayana University majoring Management.

20201125 Dragana Vujkovic.png


Business Intern

Dragana is responsible for establishing and accomplishing company objectives. She coordinates processes and operations across the organization, and ensures the development and implementation of a clear strategic plan. She has a background in management consulting and previously worked for a think-tank based in the UK. She studied Business Administration in the Netherlands.

20201125 Justinas Teresius.jpg


IT Intern

Justinas graduated in Software Engineering at Vilnius University in Lithuania. He has international experience having worked in Lithuania, Canada and United Kingdom. With Justinas' expertise being in web development, his main project is development and maintenance of the website and other technical tasks.

20201125 Yuya Ohishi.jpg


Business Intern

Yuya is an undergraduate student in Economics from Japan. He has been engaged in an international institution, aiming to achieve Sustainable Development since 2014. As an intern, the main focus is to research on foreign measures against climate change including water resource management and approach from foundation etc.

20201125 Margaux Cade.jpg


Engineering Intern

Margaux is a biological engineering student from France. Her internship in is her first time working on an environmental project. Before that, she did another internship in health research. Within the company, she is working on the biogas project, and more specifically about bioslurry. The aim is to show its effect on the growth of a different plant.

20201125 Juliette Bocquentin.jpg


Engineering Intern

Juliette is a student in a French school specialized in bio-engineering. After gaining experience in a health research establishment, she wanted to do an environmental internship. Her mission is to contribute to the development of biodigesters and more specifically to the utilization of the bioslurry by farmers.

20201125 Monique Dick.jpg


Business Intern

Monique is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science programme studying Management of Renewable Energies in Germany focused on biomass and bio-engineering. As an intern at she wants to improve and consolidate her knowledge. Her main projects deal with the development and maintenance of social media and

20201127 Yasmine Adelantado.png


Business Intern

Yasmine is a consumption sciences student at Laval University, QuŽbec city, and wish to pursue a masterÕs degree in rural development. She spends most of her time reading and talking about coffee, that is why she is involved in the green business project on coffee.

20201127 Arti Indallah.png


Research Assitant Intern

Arti is a master student of the Development and Rural Innovation Programme at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. As an intern at, her main project deals with the acceptance of household biogas with a specific focus on the social aspects.

20201127 Antonin Rhodes.jpg


Business Intern

Antonin is a 4th year student in a French master double-degree program between Toulouse Business School and Toulouse Institute of Political Sciences. Very interested in environmental and social projects, he manages project and develops its marketing strategy. After this internship, he will be back in France for his last academic semester.

20201127 Stan Tommy.jpg



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20201127 Cyprient Donnet.png


Engineering Intern

Cyprien is a 4th-year student of engineering studies at ESIREM engineering school in Dijon (France), and specializes in material and sustainable development. He supports the green business project on biogas through testing biodigester technologies and providing recommendations for improvement.

20201127 Kai The.png


IT Intern

Kai is a computer science student from Amsterdam and is pursuing a Bachelor in IT-Management. He spends most of his time on the computer looking for ways toÊapply IT to our projects.
Likes to relax by eating sate and running on the beach.

20201127 Marco Ghiandelli.png


Engineering Intern

Marco is an Environmental engineer master student from Italy. Once he completed his bachelor in civil and environmental engineering at the university of Florence, he decided to move to the Nordic countries to pursue a double master degree. He contributes to technology research and the development of a small-scale biodigester bag.

20201127 Joshi Boomputte.png


Business Team

Joshi is in his Master year of Business Administration Ð Marketing/Sales in Ghent, Belgium. He is investigating the consumerÕs willingness to pay for sustainable coffee. In his spare time, he likes to travel, surf and he is combining his love for football as a player and coach.

20201127 Mariana Silaen.jpg


Research Assistant

Mariana supports the development of projects through her expertise in climate science. Her strengths lie in climate and GIS analysis. As a graduate from the University of Manchester, Mariana has a master's degree in International Development, concentrating on the Environment, Climate Change, and Development, with high interest in climate change adaptation in the rural areas.

20201130 Novelita W. Mondamina.png


Research Assistant

Novelita contributes to bioenergy initiatives, primarily through her extensive research capabilities. Her scope of interest covers the social, technological and scientific perspectives relevant to Indonesia. After she graduated from Institut Teknologi Banding (ITB) in Chemistry, she continued her studies at the University of Southampton, obtaining a MSc degree.

20201130 Yudiandra Yuwono.jpg


Research Assistant

Yudiandra graduated as an environmental engineer from ITB in 2014. Since then, he worked for both the private sector and an NGO, gaining experience in different industries, including mine water management, oil waste soil recovery and sustainable technology distribution. He has worked in various places abroad to remote islands all over Indonesia.

20201130 Auditya Sari.png


Business Team

Auditya is involved in a wide range of activities, including environmental research, event management, scouting for interns, and assisting in grant applications. She obtained a bachelor degree in Chemistry from Udayana University with a full scholarship from Pertamina Foundation and will move to Sweden in autumn 2017 to pursue a Master degree at Uppsala University.

20201130 Laksmi Pratiwi.png


Admin and Accountant

Laksmi is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks. Whether calculating finance or hiring new employees for ensuring smooth company operations. Furthermore, she works on international projects such as the GreenWin project from the European Commission; and various JICA research projects, on topics ranging from rice and climate change to cacao finance.

20201130 Henry Kulla.jpg


Engineering Intern

Henry Kulla grew up in the Swiss mountains and studied Human-Environment Systems at the ETH Zurich. His ambition to protect the environment and support developing countries, combined with his wanderlust, led him to, where he assists in developing our various projects. In his free time, he likes to pick things up and put them back down.

2020 Ibnu Budiman.JPG


Research Assistant

Ibnu is a graduate from University of Indonesia. With, he worked on several consulting and research projects like GREENWIN and TRANSrisk with international agencies before continuing his master degree at Wageningen University. His interests including promoting clean energy deployment (e.g. biogas, biomass and reforestation).

2020 Anna Carlsson.JPG


Business Team

Anna Carlsson was a student at Nanyang Technological University and University of Lund, she is interested in development processes in Asia, South Asia in particular. In particular, the course ‘Environmental and Urban Studies’ has enabled her to capture an insight into environmental issues and challenges, as well as possible solutions in the Asian context.

2020 Florian Zadig.JPG


Business Team

Florian Radigue, a prospective student in English Master degree in International Management at INSEEC Business School of Paris. He has a great enthusiasm to work into an Environmental Consulting Company. Passionate about the Indonesian culture and the green economy, being part of a diverse team will be a great opportunity for him to get an experience within a consulting company.

2020 Alba Juarez.JPG


Business Team

Business, volunteering, and international development issues were at the tip of Alba's fingers, she participated actively in several Model United Nations in New York and Rome. She began to research what institution would work best for her, when she did internship in Economic and Commercial Office of The Spanish Embassy in India.

2020 Amira Bouanane.JPG


Engineering Team

Amira was a graduate from École de Biologie Industrielle. She supported in developing the first prototype of biogas digester, contacting material suppliers and improving the design.

2020 Chafia Salhi.JPG


Engineering Team

Chafia was a graduate from École de Biologie Industrielle. She contributed to biogas digester development: including design, construction and utilization of the digester.

2020 Carlos Armillis.JPG


Business Team

Carlo Armillis, he was pursuing Bachelor of Science, Economics in the Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdoms. He is a member of a volunteering organization funded and ran by young members of society, called SO.R.TE operating in Rome. They provide basic goods to homeless and families aggravated by serious economic problems.

2020 Natalie Nylund.JPG


Business Team

Natalie Nylund, she is originally from Stockholm, Sweden but recently lived in Paris. She studied economics at Södertörns högskola and INSEEC Business School, France. She supported the promotion of's products and explored potential market and partner for She was also involved in GREENWIN project.

2020 Phatcharakorn.JPG


Engineering Team

Phatcharakorn is a graduate from Mahidol University, Thailand with the background of civil engineering. With, she contributed to design air ventilation of office and supported GREENWIN project by promoting in Thailand.

2020 Pierre Munhoz.JPG


Media Team

Pierre is a last-year student at Emlyon Business School, France. He contributed to implementing's communication activities (social media campaigns, identification of potential opinion leaders, online/offline advertising and press relations). He also improved digital strategy (e.g. SEO, UI & UX).

2020 Joschka Kuhrt.JPG


Engineering Team

Joschka is a master graduate from the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He contributed to compare different options in the agriculture sector based on best financing options, conduct an analytical research on economical and environmental aspects of bioenergy options for the agriculture sector in Bali. He also improved the design of biogas digester

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